In this course, you will learn the secrets to using the latest technology and artificial intelligence to create stunning videos that can be monetized.

What will you learn in this course?

  • how to write video scripts extremely fast using AI software

    • The script will be high quality and human readable

  • how to take your script and turn it into a voice over with the click of a button

    • using the ai software in this course you will get 100% human-sounding voices unlike any other text to speech software you have ever used. These are not your classic robotic voices that sound terrible. These voices can be monetized, they are that good!

  • Learn how to take your script and voice over that you created using AI software and make a video out of it using another special AI software.

  • The information in this course can truly move you in the right direction to become successful on YouTube.

  • I cannot promise or guarantee earnings for you, but I can guarantee the info in this course is priceless and has a huge potential in sending you in the right direction towards your YouTube goals.

Because of the nature of this being a 100% digital product, there are no refunds allowed. You must understand and acknowledge this refund policy before purchasing the product.

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  • Intro

  • AI Software that you will need

  • Write your script using AI Software

  • Create voice over using AI Software

  • Create video using AI software

  • Publish video on YouTube

  • Conclusion

  • Voice Over Creation with AI update for 2022- 2023