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If you want to learn how to make real money online and stop chasing shiny objects that promise you the world and never deliver, you will definitely be interested in my ground breaking, underground, secret method, of creating passive income with PLR products. 

I am revealing for the first time my tried and true methods that I have been using for a very long time to pull in consistent passive income royalties month after month.

I will be showing you my top 3 methods that are fully scalable to make you money with PLR (private label rights) products. 

This course/method is not about spamming. It is about re-branding PLR content quickly and turning it into hight quality courses, ebooks, and videos in order to make profits from. 

In this course you will learn:

✓ my secret methods of making money with PLR

✓ how to quickly rebrand and recreate PLR content into your own product

✓ how to turn a PLR ebook into a course and launch it on Udemy

✓ all the softwares you will need in order to publish courses and ebooks quickly

✓ how to take a PLR ebook and re format it and make it unique by rewriting it quickly with software

✓ This little known place to publish your ebooks for maximum profits that has way less competition than Amazon Direct Publishing

✓ How to grow a Youtube Channel using PLR content

✓ and much much more!

In this course you will get:

★ over 30 over the shoulder videos so you know exactly what to do

★ over 2.5 hours of video content and training

★ no fluff, no stones left unturned

★ highest quality Make Money from PLR Course you will ever find!!!

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***because of the nature of this digital product, there are NO REFUNDS***

  • 33 Videos

  • 0 Quizzes

  • 0 Worksheets

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  • What you will learn in the course

  • Intro to what PLR is

  • Why PLR is the fastest way to get products up for sale making money for you

  • Ways to make money with PLR

  • My favorite go to methods to make money with PLR

  • Best places to get PLR products from

  • Method #1 Udemy Courses Niche Research

  • Find product for PLR

  • Do it yourself voice over - record the course

  • Outsource voice overs on Fiverr

  • Use Synthesys to turn into voice overs

  • Tools needed for video creation

  • Put voice over together with sofwares to create your lectures

  • Mix it up so not all videos are the same for the student- helps get good reviews

  • Build out all your lectures based on the ebook chapters

  • Create udemy course image

  • Create Udemy course promo video

  • Udemy course description

  • Submit course for Udemy review

  • Set your course to free

  • Method #2 Draft 2 Digital - Tools Needed

  • Method 2 Overview

  • Create account on Draft2Digital and some housekeeping items

  • Pen names strategy

  • Niche research

  • Find our PLR ebook

  • Keywords

  • Chapters put together

  • Create my book cover

  • Publish on Draft2Digital

  • Method 3 YouTube Channel

  • Conclusion